Aug 25–Oct 28, 2018


Open Spaces Poetic Voice Workshop with Jermaine Thompson

KCAI Crossroads Gallery

Kansas City poet Jermaine Thompson will lead an exploration of word and memory in this workshop inspired by the Open Spaces artworks Dreams of Flight, by Randy Regier, and Never Records, by Ted Reiderer. Starting at the Kansas City Art Institute's Crossroads Gallery, you will explore and discuss Regier's meditation on childhood memory, for which the artist has created a series of "throw-back" 1960's style toys. Jermaine Thompson will delve into the voices of childhood with you as you compose your own poetic work. The workshop group will then take an 8 minute walk to Never Records, a vinyl record studio where Open Spaces artist Ted Reiderer will take you on a tour of sound. Your group will produce a vinyl recording of your new, poetic works to be added to the Never Records archive.

Jermaine Thompson, who recently received an MFA in poetry at UMKC, is known in KC literary circles for his tremendous ability to capture voices in poetry. His work dives into his past and speaks in the tones and styles of others, as well as resounding with his own remarkably original voice. Mr. Thompson is a well-seasoned educator and inspiring writing coach. Join him for an urban exploration of memory, poetry and voice! Pencils and paper will be provided.

Saturday 10/20/18 | 1:00 pm - 5:30 pm