Aug 25–Oct 28, 2018


The Village – Makers

Saturday, September 29, 1:00 - 6:00 PM

The Village at Swope Park

KAT NEMATI of TECHITOES DESIGN is a native of Kansas City, Missouri and holds a bachelor’s degree in art from the
Kansas City Art Institute. From early childhood she has enjoyed working with her hands, creating in a wide variety
of mediums. In 2008 she began making jewelry and quickly discovered the many things that could be done with copper. Today she creates jewelry incorporating copper, gemstones, fabric and other materials to create wearable art that pleases and surprises. She is represented by 2010 Gallery in Prairie Village, KS and Got Art Gallery in Lee's Summit, MO. She also exhibits her work at First Fridays in the Crossroads and Second Saturdays in Prairie Village.
Vira Dobbins Glass Works, Lee's Summit, MO
Vira’s fused glass creations are not only functional but beautiful as well. From dishes you can use daily to one of a kind raku art pieces to a variety of art glass in between.  She has created dishes for a restaurant in Eureka Springs, has pieces on display at the Nelson Atkins Museum of Art gift shop and you can see her work at a number galleries in Missouri, Kansas and Arkansas. She is a talented teacher and a creative mentor. For more information check her out on Facebook or Instagram.

Heather Inez Benoit

Heather Inez Benoit began her journey of artistic expression as a child. She danced ballet with the Kansas City Ballet and through this, found tremendous joy in movement. That movement of joy and happiness is now expressed in her artwork in many diverse medium such as photography, metal crafting, painting and jewelry design and even as a licensed massage therapist, Reiki practitioner and most recently as a mindfulness coach.

As a jewelry designer, she draws from the healing energy of natural gemstones and earthly elements. Each piece is mindfully crafted as her own personal meditation practice. Following the birth of her third daughter and sudden death of her younger brother in the summer of 2007, she discovered the hand knotting of gemstone beads to be her "pull" back to center and spent many hours in this practice as a means to ground herself.

As a photographer, she captures unusual perspectives on sacred spaces inspired by her profound love of music.

Her newest collection of acrylics on canvas include a vibrant palette inspired by healing gemstones, 432 Hz frequency meditation and sensory stimulation, combined with a relentless push through intense social anxiety and an ongoing struggle with chronic physical pain.


Saturday 09/29/18 | 1:00 pm - 6:00 pm