Download the Open Spaces Mobile App

Download the Open Spaces Mobile App

Aug 27, 2018

Imagine Kansas City’s own contemporary visual and performing artists joining their national and international counterparts in transforming our city into an ever-evolving arts experience. For nine weeks, in spaces both familiar and new, in parks and urban spaces, in galleries, performance halls and outdoor stages — Open Spaces will transform Kansas City into a living cultural tapestry into which the best of the world’s collective imagination can be woven.

Now you can download our app, your official mobile guide to Open Spaces.

  • Discover the array artistic experiences being offered by our exhibition artists and plan your Open Spaces adventure
  • Explore each work, from the artist’s vision and initial inspiration to its final presentation.
  • Interact with each piece by providing your feedback and reaction to each work of art with the artist.
  • Share your adventures with your friends and fellow Open Spaces explorers
  • Plus up-to-date news, event schedules, and so much more.

Available NOW for iOS and Android devices.